Relocity is reimagining the global mobility experience to help companies attract, retain, and engage talent. Learn more about our solutions at

Relocity is reimagining the global mobility experience. We enable enterprises to attract, retain, and engage talent globally. Powered by our AI-driven workforce mobility platform, we bring together local experts and insightful content in our native mobile app to deliver an excellent user experience for your people on the move.

We maximize talent effectiveness and well-being by connecting people to their communities quickly through personalized experiences. Our AI-powered platform, destination experts, and high-impact approach deliver a predictive, relevant, and holistic experience for your highly valued talent. More than 300 enterprises trust us and our platform to lower the costs of global mobility, while quickly relocating and connecting people to new cities and neighborhoods, both domestically and internationally — all to increase talent conversion, retention, and engagement.

Our core values drive us to relentlessly focus on our customers, innovation, integrity, and excellence. We find strength in diversity. Our passionate commitment to sustainability drives us to expand our platform to further reduce carbon emissions for our clients.

Relocity serves thousands of cities in more than 40 markets across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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