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Washington D.C. Market Rental Trends Report

Relocity's rental trends report shows you how the nation’s major rental markets stack up and reveals 2024 pricing trends.

Rental prices have steadily decreased over the last year with that trend continuing into 2024. The average rent in Washington, DC, is $2,225 which is 47% higher than the national average, making D.C. the 20th-most expensive rental market in the U.S. Location and amenities can cause significant variation in average rents within Washington, DC. Some neighborhoods are more expensive than others based on their proximity to employment hubs or tourist attractions. The median rent in Washington, D.C. is $2,408, +20% higher than the national average.

Arlington, VA

Rental prices for 1BR-3BR units have seen a steady increase while studio units have shown a slight decrease in recent months. As many choose to seek housing outside of Washington, DC, due to price increases, many have chosen Arlington to cut costs. The median rent price in Arlington, VA for April 2024 is $2,590. This is $54 more than April 2023. Over the past year, rent has increased 4.26%.

Apartment Options

Brookland Press

  • Studio/1ba
  • Sq Ft: 472
  • Rent: $1,758


  • 1br/1ba
  • Sq Ft: 568
  • Rent: $2,395

Collection 14

  • 2br/1ba
  • Sq Ft: 754
  • Rent: $2,936

Washington Apartments

  • 3br/1ba
  • Sq Ft: 900
  • Rent: $3,475

Virginia Square Towers

  • Studio
  • Sq Ft: 401
  • Rent: $1,995

Courtland Park

  • 1br/1ba
  • Sq Ft: 635
  • Rent: $2,230

MAA National Landing

  • 2br/2ba
  • Sq Ft: 960
  • Rent: $2,860


  • 3br/2ba
  • Sq Ft: 1495
  • Rent: $3,840


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