Unify your mobile employee experience

Relocity One reimagines talent relocation through end-to-end digital transformation of global mobility programs across policy types.

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Transform your global talent mobility program

Relocity One is a modern, all-in-one mobile solution for your relocating talent – your mobility super app. It enables your mobile employees to seamlessly view, access, and consume their relocation suppliers and benefits. Through digital transformation of your mobility program and supplier ecosystem, Relocity One delivers: 

A streamlined relocation journey

Mobile employees want easy access to all suppliers and milestones in one place to simplify their relocation.

Best-in-class technology

Today’s talent want a digital-first, flexible, and intuitive experience that offers convenience and efficiency.

AI-powered experience

Transferees expect a personalized experience that recommends, automates, and aligns their journey to their preferences.


The future of global mobility

Strategic program modernization requires digitization, automation, and simplification through technology. Relocity One transforms mobility programs through digital innovation, seamlessly connecting mobile talent to your mobility ecosystem. Key features include:

  • Centralized hub: Consolidates all mobility program information in one location.
  • Global integration: Connects with RMCs, tax and immigration providers, and suppliers on a global scale.
  • Personalized onboarding: Tailors talent onboarding and updates your RMC and suppliers.
  • In-app communication: Facilitates real-time communication between talent, consultants, and suppliers.
  • Notifications & Milestones: Sends real-time updates, including notifications and milestone sharing.
  • Policy support: Accommodates managed moves, core-flex, managed cap, and lump sums* policies.
  • Relocity Guide* add-on: Seamlessly give lump sums and interns relocation guidance, self-service, and cost savings.
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Why Relocity One?

For talent:

One app for a seamless relocation

• Intuitive, personalized experience 
• Transparent, flexible offerings
• Better alignment & communication
• Fast settling-in for efficiency gains
• Wellness improvements

For corporations:

Up to 25% program cost savings

• Program digital transformation
• Talent satisfaction & self-service
• Fewer systems & better workflows
• Data-driven insights
• Your or your RMC's top-tier supply chain

For RMCs:

Up to 20% team productivity gains

• Team allocation improvements
• Cost savings delivery to clients
• Client satisfaction enhancements
• Delivery of innovative solutions
• Faster time to market


Driven by our workforce mobility platform

Single point of access
  • Mobile-first transferee experience
  • End-to-end relocation
  • Tailored relocation services
Integrated providers
  • API connectors
  • Connected Goals
  • In-app supplier chat functionality
Data-driven content
  • Self-service access
  • Core/Flex functionality
  • Destination content options
AI-driven workflows
  • Workflow automation
  • Intelligent recommendations
  • Mobility data insights
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Choose your types of integration

• Bi-directional data integrations with HRIS and RMC platforms
• Supplier data content integrations
• Communications and status updates across supplier ecosystem
• Goals, tasks, and milestone tracking across suppliers
• Banking and payments integrations
• Bi-directional status updates
• VOC and pulse surveys
• Scheduling and meeting booking
• Data integrations into Relocity’s mapping technology


Ready for an integrated, tech-enabled mobility solution for all employees?

Request a Relocity One demo today to connect your mobility ecosystem, boost mobile employee satisfaction, and save time and costs. See why leading mobility teams trust Relocity for digital transformation.


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