It’s time to elevate the intern experience

Boost intern engagement and satisfaction, while lowering your costs


The Relocity difference

For employers:

• Reduced costs.
• Improved Duty of Care, expectation-setting, and satisfaction scores.
• High intern engagement with your brand, culture, and to each other.
• Real-time data and analytics
• Proactive rather than reactive program management.
• Ability to create flexible relocation packages.

For interns:

• Destination education and in-app discounts help stretch lump sums further.
• Improved physical, mental, and financial wellness.
• Personalized experience with on-demand support.
• Discounts with preferred service providers.


Interns love Relocity

Extremely Convenient!

I just finished my relocation assistance call with Juan. He was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job showing me the app. It’s got everything I’ll need to make my upcoming relocation a breeze. Thank you so much, guys.

Great App!

Moving to a new city, this app is vibrant, easy to use, and can inform you about everything you want to know about the city.

Juan Calle

Explained very calmly and answered all my queries. Also gave personalized insights about which areas I can choose for my internship and where most interns settle. I found him to be resourceful and very helpful.


Relocity Guide for Interns

• Single sign-on.
• Automated onboarding with connected goals.
• AI-powered neighborhood finder and interactive maps.
• Relocation guides.
• Relocity marketplace (with supplier discounts).

Relocity Guide Feature Highlights Image
Relocity Guide Trusted Providers Image

Relocity Concierge for Interns

• Single sign-on.
• Automated onboarding with connected goals.
• A dedicated, on-demand, and in-destination Relocation Consultant.
• Data-powered area tours and interactive maps.
• Layered maps and guidance curated by local experts.
• Personalized recommendations to fit each mobile employee’s needs.
• Employer branding and notifications.


How Relocity for Interns works

Plug-and-play providers

Our app integrates with your service providers and displays only the ones you choose for your talent.

Automated onboarding

Interns review next steps, learn about our tools, and complete onboarding from our app.

Personal recommendations

Our app recommends commuting, housing, and lifestyle options in a customized map based on the transferee profile.


Interns complete relocation steps via our app – including connecting with your brand, culture, and to each other.


Your passport to a world-class internship program

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Top intern program challenges and how Relocity can help

Common internship challenges:

🚩 Rising costs amid tightening program budgets.
🚩 Home-finding in competitive housing markets.
🚩 Transportation for interns without cars.
🚩 Disjointed relocation experience.
🚩 Poor Duty of Care.
🚩 Low intern engagement.
🚩 Lack of data insights.

Relocity for Interns solutions:

✅ Cost savings through our pricing models.
✅ Personalized home-finding near your offices.
✅ Customized transportation maps to ease commuting.
✅ Goals, milestones and recommendations.
✅ Support to boost transferees’ physical, mental, and financial wellness.
✅ Activity feed and in-app chat.
✅ Intern- and market-specific data and program recommendations.


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