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Relocity maximizes talent well-being by connecting people to new communities through personalized experiences driven by intuitive mobile technology, local experts, and flexible service offerings.

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About Relocity

Relocity is reimagining the global mobility experience. We enable enterprises to attract, retain, and engage talent globally by connecting their people on the move to their new communities quickly. 

Powered by our AI-driven workforce mobility platform, we deliver an excellent experience for people on the move. Our platform allows us to personalize on-demand rental assistance and destination services to transferees’ needs to boost talent effectiveness and wellness. Through our cutting-edge native mobile app, we offer both high-touch, in-person destination services and a superb mobile employee experience. 

More than 300 enterprises trust us and our platform to lower the costs of global mobility, while quickly relocating and connecting their people to their key markets — all to increase talent conversion, retention, and engagement.

Our core values drive us to focus relentlessly on our customers, innovation, integrity, and excellence. We find strength in diversity. Our passionate commitment to sustainability drives us to expand our platform to further reduce carbon emissions for our clients. 

Relocity serves thousands of cities in more than 40 markets across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


What we believe

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We focus on the customer

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and go the extra mile.

We operate with integrity

Build trust by acting with candor, transparency, and respect – with each other and with our clients and partners.

We innovate constantly

Seek improvement and be an agent of change.

We are relentless

Embrace the pursuit of excellence.


Strength in diversity

We value each other's differences and find strength in diversity. We believe in the power of coming together to achieve a positive outcome in every situation. Our collaborative mindset allows us to remain connected and grow. We contribute to our company and communities with empathy and a commitment to social responsibility.

As we continue to embrace the growing complexity of building an equitable company and environment where everyone makes a positive impact, we hope to pass the benefits on to you.

Klaus Siegmann Headshot

Klaus Siegmann

Founder & CEO

Relocity was founded by Klaus Siegmann, an immigrant from Germany, whose difficult move to Los Angeles with his wife and newborn daughter caused him to rethink the relocation process and imagine ways he could improve the experience for others. Drawing on his background as a serial entrepreneur and founder of one of the most successful management consulting firms in Germany’s technology space, Klaus launched Relocity in 2016. The company is the fastest growing provider in the talent mobility space, with a global presence that includes our APAC headquarters in Singapore and our EMEA headquarters in Dublin.


Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, where someone is exploited by another. Not For Sale is a nonprofit that attacks exploitation by providing intervention, rescue, protection, and education – and empowers vulnerable communities. Relocity is a proud partner of Not For Sale to create opportunities and return revenue to those who need it most.

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Relocity advocates the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and governance.

✓ Digital first: Lower carbon emissions and waste as well as long-term, responsible use of resources are central to our environmental commitment.
✓ Social equity: Non-discriminatory hiring practices, implicit bias training, and talent learning opportunities enable us to create equity.
✓ Governance: Ethical conduct, transparency, integrity, fair wages, accountability, and customer focus are key to our rapid growth.

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