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Relocity’s native app for a self-guided move

Reimagine lump sum management

Relocity Guide takes each transferee through a personalized, self-service relocation experience with world-class technology.


One app for cost efficiency, duty of care, and employee satisfaction

 In today’s fast-paced global mobility landscape, it’s essential to provide your talent with a seamless, personalized relocation experience. With Relocity Guide, you can digitally transform your lump sum program with mobile-first, AI-driven relocations. This engaging, self-service  native mobile app empowers lump sum recipients to manage their move easily while on the go.

Available throughout the continental United States, Canada, and select cities around the world, your new hires, employees, and interns receiving lump sums can complete critical moving tasks anytime, anywhere. From finding homes and commuting to setting up utilities, financial services, and driver and vehicle licensing, our mobile app ensures talent can navigate every step of their relocation process with ease.


Tech-driven relocation guidance

In our native mobile app, mobile employees benefit from:

• Single sign-on.
• Automated onboarding with trackable goals.
• Data-powered neighborhood tours and interactive maps.
• Relocation guides.
• Relocity marketplace (with supplier discounts).
• Employer branding and notifications.
• On-demand relocation support

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Trusted providers for every relocation need

We partner with the best providers to improve the transferee experience and lower costs for your employees. Choose from our preferred providers or add your own.


Engage and impress your interns

See how Relocity Guide elevates the intern experience by:

• Highlighting affordable housing in the right areas.
• Displaying each step of the moving process.
• Highlighting points of interest.
• Connecting interns to your brand and to each other.
• Suggesting vetted providers.

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Explore Relocity for Interns

AI-powered. People-focused.


Transferees confirm their details, set up personalized relocation goals, and gain guidance on critical next steps, improving duty of care.

Personal recommendations

Our AI-driven mobile app recommends transportation, housing, and points of interest in a customized map based on the mobile employee’s profile.


Our mobile app quickly integrates with your service providers and our discount marketplace, connecting users with local resources and suppliers.

Mobile-first for tech-savvy talent

Your relocating employees get helpful tips, location information, home-finding tools, vetted partners, and on-demand chat support.


Why Relocity Guide?

For companies:

• Ability to create flexible lump sum relocation packages.
• Improved candidate and employee satisfaction.
• Lower costs and enhanced duty of care.
• Real-time mobility data and analytics.
• Improved use of lump sum stipends.
• Configurable goals, tracking, and alerts

Relocity XP Plus Benefits for Companies

For employees:

• Personalized and engaging digital experience.
• On-demand access.
• Improved physical, mental and financial wellness.
• Faster productivity through area orientation, home-finding, and commuting insights.
• Referrals and cost savings with preferred service providers.
• Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

Relocity XP Plus Benefits for Employees

Transferees love Relocity Guide

This app is really helpful for me to learn about the area, especially since I've never been there before.
-Ana F.

I can see there are many useful features and resources in the Relocity application that will facilitate my relocation and adaptation to a new city. I look forward to an exciting and successful relocation.
-Ivan R. T.

I was surprised by all the options this app provides. This is just what I needed to settle into a new city!
-Joy Y.


Looking for a high-touch relocation solution?

Our white-glove transferee experience brings together local experts, cutting-edge technology, and your top talent. Our hosts complete intensive training on our method and your company culture to deliver a unique, exclusive relocation experience to help you attract, retain and engage your critical talent.

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Relocity One app

Looking for a unified supplier hub?

Our end-to-end relocation experience is the first of its kind to integrate all third-party touchpoints, connecting mobile employees to your RMC counselors and entire supplier ecosystem. Simplify your mobile employee journey, while seamlessly managing supplier logistics and lowering your costs.

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