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Relocity's 2022 environmental sustainability impact

The steps we’re taking on our journey to environmental sustainability

According to Deloitte’s 2022 CxO Sustainability Report, 89% of CxOs agree there’s a climate crisis, and 79% of them see the world at a tipping point to act.

Relocity is committed to lowering our environmental footprint. We’re working to align sustainability and global mobility policies, while providing better transferee experiences and business outcomes.

Here’s our 2022 environmental impact:

Because we’re dedicated to environmental sustainability, we’re expanding our workforce mobility platform to enable the right mix of virtual and in-person services for each transferee, which further reduces carbon emissions for our clients.

We’ve invested in and scaled our application solutions to support virtual area tours, virtual home searching, virtual consultation meetings, and more — enhancing the human touch of our Relocation Consultants. As a result, we reduce travel times by 50% over traditional destination services providers, which also helps us expedite the overall process, lower costs, and deliver transferee productivity faster.

While we’re very proud of the impact we’re making, we regularly evaluate ways to make our blended high-touch, high-tech approach to destination services and AI-driven platform more eco-friendly. Here are some of our current practices that we’re building upon:

Continuing our digital-first work culture:

  • We’re maintaining and expanding our work-from-anywhere policy, which reduces carbon emissions related to office commutes.
  • We’re hiring virtually to minimize travel in the interview process.
  • We’re continuing our paper-free culture by promoting long-term, responsible use of resources (e.g., no paper business cards, digital pay stubs and expense reports, and discouraged shipping and travel unless necessary for business results).

Encouraging our Relocation Consultants to make sustainable recommendations:

  • We’re providing 100% digital welcome kits. We don’t send traditional welcome kits due to the use of plastic and paper.
  • We’re recommending that transferees live within walking or biking distance of their offices where possible and using machine learning in our neighborhood- and home-finding tools to help transferees cut down on commuting distances and times.

Expanding our platform and apps:

  • We’re enhancing our virtual area tours to include even greater use of video technology to remove the need to jump in the car.
  • We’re expanding our virtual and collaborative technologies by offering digital consultations, connecting transferees for carpooling, providing app self-service, and offering virtual support in our markets.
  • We’re helping transferees in our map layers find carpool, shuttle, and mass-transit options, as well as explore homes closer to office locations to enable walking or biking. 
  • We’re using predictive analytics to help drive scale around green recommendations. 

Seeking responsible business partners: 

  • We’re aligning with like-minded business partners. For example, we have a new airport transfer partner (ROLZO), which has the world’s largest fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) bookable on-demand in more than 100 cities around the globe. 
  • We’re collaborating for change. Relocity is working with our partners to meet specific sustainability criteria and make the global mobility supply chain greener. 
We look forward to working with our clients and partners to continue expanding our collective positive impact on the environment. Book a demo with us today.


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