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[Relociteer spotlight] Markus Bukovsky

A Relocation Consultant’s take on the importance of destination services for smooth transitions

Markus Bukovsky is part of Relocity’s all-star Operations team in Europe, working in Berlin, Germany. Markus has seen firsthand the difference destination services make for his relocating clients. We sat down with him to discover what it takes to create smooth, personalized relocation journeys for mobile talent, how he creates meaningful relationships, and how he’s spending the summer in Berlin. 

Where are you located, and how long have you worked at Relocity?

Markus: I’m located just south of the biggest city in Germany, Berlin. I started at Relocity in August 2022.

What’s your title, and how would you describe your role?

Markus: I’m a Relocity Personal Host, which is also known as a Relocation Consultant. I’d describe my role as supporting transferees and their families on an individual basis during their relocations to Germany. My clients have packages through Relocity Concierge, our high-touch solution for relocation services. Most of my clients don’t speak German, and it’s my job to help them transition to their new life in Germany successfully. Some of my specific job duties include providing real estate forecasts, flat-finding, identifying healthcare providers (healthcare is mandatory in Germany), and helping transferees adjust to our culture and weather. Temperatures in Germany fluctuate from -15℃ (5℉) to 40℃ (104℉), and some people aren’t used to these extremes, either the cold or heat.

Can you go deeper on the home price forecasting element?

Markus: Yes, as part of our Concierge offering, I help my clients understand the price range of local neighborhoods and homes. Transferees tell me their normal monthly expenses, and I estimate how those costs translate here and help them understand the different expense variables. While daily goods such as groceries have remained affordable, renting prices have significantly increased in past years. I make sure all of my recommendations align with each client’s salary and preferences.

Where have you lived in the past, and what brought you to Berlin?

Markus: I'm originally from Thuringia, a state in central Germany. I moved to Berlin in 2010 to study industrial engineering at university. Berlin has some of the best industrial engineering programs in Germany. While I was studying, I spent a year abroad in Norway. During my second semester there, I was the lead host for incoming exchange students, handling responsibilities similar to my current duties at Relocity. I received a lot of praise; people told me I helped prepare them for life in Norway and that I was good at anticipating their questions.

And you liked that role?

Markus: Yes, I loved it!

What came next?

Markus: After studying abroad, I finished my studies in Berlin. Then, I moved to London to complete my master’s degree in statistics at the London School of Economics, before moving back to Berlin. With my background, I know what it’s like to move to a country that speaks a different language, so it’s easy for me to put myself in my clients’ shoes. 

So these past experiences drew you to Relocity?

Markus: Absolutely. When I heard about this role, I remembered how much fun I had sharing my knowledge with exchange students and how much I helped them.

What were you doing immediately before you started working at Relocity?

Markus: I worked for different consultant companies as a scrum master for data engineering teams as well as a strategy consultant. Then, I became a project manager for the largest after-school program in Berlin, which is why I'm an expert on the German education system.

What makes a good Relocation Consultant?

Markus: A good Relocation Consultant addresses the issues clients raise, which usually come up in the first consultation call. Part of my job is to ease my client’s mind by showing them that I understand their issues, am experienced at overcoming relocation challenges, and can solve any problem by working with them. I love connecting with clients and sharing my own stories about relocation. It’s also important to set client expectations regarding the services we provide and give insights into the financial requirements and barriers in Germany. 

Additionally, our Relocation Consultants must be well-versed in our service offerings. Through Relocity Concierge, my clients receive dedicated support from me along with application access that digitally guides them through the relocation journey. The app enables SMS, phone, and other communication options based on each client’s preferred method of contact, making it the best place for my clients and I to connect with each other.

What does your typical workday look like?

Markus: Every day is different than the last because this isn’t a typical 9-5 job. I try to call public institutions like schools and tax offices in the morning because they close around noon, then I head into my first client calls of the day. I play sports or do CrossFit during some of my lunch breaks, then continue client calls into the late afternoon. In the evening, I send my clients updates.

What do destination services mean to you? 

Markus: Destination services is all about putting clients at ease by clearly explaining the administrative requirements of relocation, then finding homes that are perfect for my clients to grow professionally and personally. Drawing upon my 13 years in Berlin and 30 years in Germany, I share my experience and get people excited about their moves to Berlin. 

Why is relocation support important for transferees?

Relocation support is important because most public documents are written in German. As a native speaker, I’m able to translate critical paperwork for transferees and catch details that translation programs overlook. I continue to be a great resource for clients even after they’ve moved in by supporting searches for kindergartens and elementary schools, providing restaurant recommendations, and conducting in-person area tours. I’ve had over 150 clients since I began working at Relocity, and I’ve made their lives easier as they’ve completed registration, found homes and schools, set up utilities, and signed up for healthcare. People have told me their dream was to work for a big German company, and I helped make that dream come true.

What drove you to learn English while you were growing up in Germany?

Markus: English was offered as part of the curriculum from fifth grade to 12th grade. When I moved to Berlin, English became more important. At one point, I was studying entirely in English. During my two exchange semesters in Norway, I was tasked with communicating and thinking in English, which was a major step in improving my English skills. Plus, I like learning about different cultures and being fluent in English was a great way to connect with a broader group of people.

How do you create meaningful relationships with transferees?

Markus: In the first consultation call (one of many consultations clients get with Relocity Concierge), I ask all of my clients about their needs, wishes, and fears. As I mentioned before, I empathize with transferees, try to put myself in their shoes, and share my relocation experiences. Building relationships is easier when we get the chance to meet in-person for dinner or an area tour. I’ve become friends with two of my former clients, and we meet up to play sports.

Which of Relocity’s core values — Focus on the customer, Operate with integrity, Innovate constantly, and Be relentless — do you identify with the most?

Markus: They’re all important, and I try to focus on all of them. I identify the most with Focus on the customer and provide the best service I can based on each client’s needs. I go the extra mile as required because I know it makes my clients happy. Creating a seamless transition for transferees gives me a lot of joy. The second core value I connect to is Be relentless. I'm a statistician and a German engineer, so I'm really strict about numbers. I want to hit our targets.

What brings you joy?

Markus: In my personal life, I love improving my chess skills, playing sports, and setting new personal running and weightlifting records. I’m enjoying the summer weather with my girlfriend, walking down the street and eating ice cream. Berlin has a lot to offer: sports, museums, and more.

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