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Relocity Concierge

Lower Mobility Costs & Enhance Employee Experience

Lower Mobility Costs & Enhance Employee Experience

Under pressure to cut costs while improving the mobile employee experience? It’s possible to achieve both with Relocity Concierge.

Our dedicated destination services experts help your talent relocate and settle in quickly. Your transferees stay focused on their new roles. You improve employee engagement, onboarding and retention, and talent time to value.

Plus, our transparent hourly billing model and data-first approach keep you below budget by:
✅ Providing bias-free, transparent, and low-cost pricing to reduce program costs.
✅ Streamlining your daily operations.
✅ Finding homes for your people faster, reducing time in corporate housing.
✅ Benchmarking services usage to recommend cost-saving policy adjustments.
✅ Removing realtor commissions, broker fees, and revenue shares from costs.

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Relocity Concierge Cost Savings One Pager
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Mobilizing today's talent

"Relocity’s hosts are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive, answering our employees’ questions very quickly. We appreciate Relocity’s support; thank you!"
Daniel Dufficy
Global Mobility Relocation Manager, DoorDash

300+ enterprises served

"Relocity excels as a destination service provider (DSP). By using technology for virtual area tours and home-finding activities, Relocity delivers an exceptional employee experience, even with small packages."
Sara Modena
Employee Mobility Services Lead, Cisco

40+ markets and growing

"Relocity’s hosts are attentive, empathetic, and always ready to help with anything our employees need. I highly recommend Relocity for companies that need a reliable destination services provider because they play a key role in making our employees’ relocations smooth and stress-free."
Jacob Medina
Sr. Manager, Global Mobility, Grammarly

99% customer retention rate

"After working with Relocity for four years, I’ve come to view them as a true disruptor. Their technology is the future of global mobility, and their commitment to hiring Relocation Consultants directly (instead of contracting the work out) is a game changer within the industry. Relocity delivers a level of personalization that our employees love."
Deb Convery
Head of Global Mobility & Immigration, Stripe

4.95/5 average in-app rating

"Relocity has been fantastic to work with. Their hosts listen to our employees, answer every question, and are very accommodating. Thank you!"
Eve Espindola
Global Mobility Partner, Scopely

Flexible talent mobility solutions

"I am a huge Relocity fan! The offerings and service are a true difference maker for those we serve together, and I am truly thankful for the partnership."
Chuck Langley
Client Services Director, Weichert Workforce Mobility
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