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Rental assistance and more from destination services experts. From neighborhood tours to personalized destination services, Relocity’s relocation experts help employees get settled, connected, and inspired.


From origin to destination

Flexible for any mobility program or employee need, our personalized, on-demand talent relocation services and resources are customizable, offered virtually and in-person (depending on regional availability), and align with the entire transferee journey.

Relocity Orientation Services
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We familiarize transferees and their families with their new cities to help narrow down neighborhoods. Area orientation involves providing detailed information about housing options, schools, transportation, local amenities, and more to help transferees acclimate and make informed relocation decisions.
We assist transferees and their families with finding suitable housing in their new cities. Home-finding involves conducting personalized searches, considering transferee needs (such as schools, budget, safety, commute distance, and other requirements), and facilitating property viewings and negotiations to secure a new home.
We assist transferees and their families after relocation to help them adjust and integrate into new environments smoothly. From connecting their utilities to offering guidance on cultural orientation, local services, and other practical aspects, we facilitate the transition and enhance overall well-being.
We expertly guide transferees and their families through essential relocation tasks. From opening financial services accounts to completing local government registrations and other crucial steps, we ensure legal compliance and lower risks for a smooth integration of mobile talent into your strategic locations.
We provide assistance to transferees and their families as they are leaving a location. These services often include organizing logistics, such as arranging transportation, assisting with lease terminations, coordinating shipping of household goods, and offering repatriation assistance to ensure a smooth transition.
We deliver personalized, premium assistance to high-profile transferees with specific needs and expectations. Services may include tailored support, luxury accommodations, private transportation, and other specialized services designed to meet the unique requirements and preferences of VIP transferees.
We handle all aspects of collective moves, ensuring seamless and effective transitions for transferees and their families. From logistics coordination to housing arrangements and orientation programs, we manage the details for an efficient group relocation experience.
We support transferees and their families in finding the right schools for their children during relocations. With strong connections to local administrators, we complete needs assessments, research, tours, applications, and, with our user-friendly mobile app, we empower families to make informed decisions for a smooth transition.
We support an accompanying spouse or partner who is relocating with a transferee. This assistance aims to help the spouse or partner integrate into the new environment via resources, networking opportunities, career assistance, cultural orientation, and other tailored services to enhance their overall well-being.
We support transferees and their families in relocating their pets to their new cities. These services may include guidance on pet-friendly housing options, transportation arrangements, veterinary care, pet documentation, and other considerations to ensure the well-being and comfort of pets throughout the relocation journey.
We assist transferees and their families with navigating healthcare resources in a new location. These services may include healthcare provider referrals, appointment scheduling, interpretation services, medical insurance coordination, and other support to ensure transferees receive appropriate, quality healthcare in their new city.
We aim to enhance the overall well-being of transferees and their families and create great quality of life for them in new locations. We personalize the exploration of activities and services, like dog-walking and house cleaning. Driven by each transferee's specific interests and needs, we introduce newcomers to hiking trails, gyms, cultural events, places of worship, and more — down to the region’s typical weather patterns.

Aligned with the relocation journey

Our flexible relocation destination services are available for 120 days or longer, based on employee needs. This time frame ensures timely services and expertise are available to transferees from origin to destination.

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Relocity Billing Model

Only pay for what’s needed

Relocity’s hourly billing model allows employees to use hours on the relocation services they need, as needed.

• Significant cost-savings potential.
• Increased service usage.
• Granular reporting and increased transparency.
• Happy talent.


Cost savings & experience improvements

The Relocity platform tracks service usage and, with machine learning, identifies patterns, makes experience improvements, and recommends policy changes — ultimately finding opportunities for cost savings within your mobility program.

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Customize your mobility program

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Designed for discerning talent, our high-touch, high-tech solution pairs a dedicated Personal Host to your mobile employees to deliver on-demand, personalized destination services and rental assistance.

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Ideal for tech-savvy talent, our personalized lump sum management solution provides self-service guidance to lower costs, while improving duty of care and the talent relocation experience.

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Designed for managed moves, core/flex, and managed cap programs, our super app is the only unified mobile employee relocation experience that seamlessly connects the end-to-end mobility ecosystem.

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Employers love our services

Average in-app rating: 4.95 out of 5
Relocity Reviews 5 stars

Thank you for helping make our transition so seamless, so that we enjoy our new city! We are super happy to call SF home, and we couldn't have done it without you. You truly were our Fairy Godmother! :)

After working with Relocity for four years, I’ve come to view them as a true disruptor. Their technology is the future of global mobility, and their commitment to hiring Relocation Consultants directly (instead of contracting the work out) is a gamechanger within the industry. Relocity delivers a level of personalization that our employees love and a standard of accessibility that’s unique.

–Deb Convery, Head of Global Mobility & Immigration, Stripe

Gavin said that Hilary supported in a way that he never expected...Please extend our thanks to Hilary. Anything you can do to recognize her support would be greatly appreciated. We are looking forward to a great partnership with Relocity...

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