Recruitment Fraud

Learn how you can protect yourself from recruitment fraud.

What is recruitment fraud?

At Relocity, we take your job search seriously, and we want to ensure you're well-informed about potential risks.

Recruitment fraud is a cunning and, at times, highly sophisticated scheme that lures job seekers with false employment opportunities.

These deceptive practices involve counterfeit websites or misleading emails that falsely claim to be reputable companies. Some fraudulent recruiters may request personal information and payments during their counterfeit hiring process.

At Relocity, our commitment to you, our valued candidates, is unwavering. We want you to know that we will never ask you to make financial commitments as a condition of pre-employment or employment.

Our core values—transparency, integrity, innovation, and client focus—drive our commitment to your security.

Consider a career with confidence at Relocity, where your well-being is paramount throughout the hiring process.

Our recruitment process

1. All Relocity jobs will be posted on our career site:

2. Relocity will never ask for your personal financial or banking information or require any financial commitment as part of our candidate search or application process.

3. We will not ask you to purchase equipment or supplies as part of your onboarding, nor pay to attend any training. 

4. No job offers will be made at Relocity without a formal video-based interview process with multiple leaders from the hiring and management team.

5. If you receive an email from a sender that does not contain the address, please treat it as fraudulent.

Tips to protect yourself

• Carefully review the email address and listed website of any unsolicited recruiter communication. A change of one letter is easy to miss, but it can mean the difference between a legitimate recruiter contact and a phishing attempt.

• If you receive an email or call or see a compelling job posting on a job board, also visit the company’s career page on their corporate website. Confirm a few things while on the page:

Is their careers webpage the same as the one listed in the job posting or communication that you received? 
–If not, report the fake posting through the legitimate company’s website.

Is the job also listed there? 
–If the one you have been contacted about isn’t there, that’s a red flag. Please help others and the legitimate company by reporting it. 

If the job is listed there, apply directly from the company’s webpage to make sure that you’re applying to the right company.
–Once you’ve applied, verify carefully any follow up emails or outreach through social media platforms to be sure that you’re corresponding with the correct recruiting team. 

• If you have any doubts, email the company directly and inquire about the job posting or recruiting outreach that you received.

Most importantly: never give out personal or financial information, passwords, or security numbers. Companies have secure ways to collect that information at the correct time.

If you believe you have been contacted about a fraudulent job offer related to Relocity, please contact us at the following address: