Well-guided interns become full-time talent

Attracting and retaining top interns is difficult amid cost-cutting and Gen Z’s soaring expectations.

Whether you’re dreaming of a talent pipeline bursting with intern-to-hire conversions, an engaging intern experience, improved duty of care, or a quick way to cut program costs, Relocity’s intern solutions are the answer.

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Here’s how Relocity’s solutions meet your key needs, regardless of the benefits you provide to your interns:

✓ Help interns source housing
✓ Cut costs
✓ Offer improved duty of care
✓ Engage and retain interns
✓ Convert interns to new hires
✓ Capture vital program data
✓ Display available housing near your office
✓ Unlock savings with our innovative pricing models
✓ Help interns find a safe, local neighborhood
✓ Connect interns to each other and your culture
✓ Deliver a helpful, personalized intern experience and communicate often
✓ Provide insights into intern milestones and usage
Discover how Relocity can help you reimagine your intern experience. Get started.
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Reduce intern churn

Build an intern program that attracts and converts the best Gen Z candidates.

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