Easier decision, easier relocation

Win the hearts of job candidates and pre-decisions by making the choice to accept your job offer easy.

Relocity Candidate and Pre Hires

The Relocity Concierge difference

For employers:

• Stronger employer value proposition (EVP).
• Reduced time to fill positions.
• Increased candidate conversion.
• Higher candidate and pre-decision engagement.
• Continuity of service from pre-decision to mobile employee.
• Lower cost per hire.
• Time savings for your in-house recruiting team.

For candidates & pre-decisions:

• Improved benefits package.
• Expedited job acceptances.
• Easier experience finding a company that cares and will support future relocation.
• Enhanced ability to see what the job and relocation truly entails.
• Stronger connection to the company brand.
• On-demand candidate and pre-decision support.
• Personalized destination education.


Candidates & pre-decisions love Relocity Concierge

Stephanie T. | Bay Area - Peninsula
Relocity Host: Steve

Relocity, especially host Steve, provided an excellent experience. From pre-decision services to my housing search, Steve was instrumental. He guided me through San Mateo county, organized virtual tours, and assisted in planning a successful housing search trip, making my relocation seamless and enjoyable.

Sean L. | Austin
Relocity Host: Patrick

Patrick was a great support for everything related to my move. Both in pre-emptive planning and post arrival support and questions. Always with an answer from the simple to the quirky questions. 5/5 recommend and would be lucky to have Patrick again for any future moves too!

Kevin G. | Irvine
Relocity Host: Laura

Flown down for an on-site interview in Irvine, I had the pleasure of meeting Laura, my relocation consultant in Orange County/LA. Her exceptional guidance, thorough tour of areas like Irvine and Newport Beach, and thoughtful preparations made my relocation enjoyable, even in the rain. She went above and beyond to understand and cater to my preferences.

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Relocity Concierge for candidates and pre-decisions

Help talent envision life in a new city via:
• Area tours and orientation.
• Guided home search and leasing assistance, including budgeting.
• Commute information.
• Customized maps.
• Points of interest recommendations, including social, cultural, and outdoor activities.
• School overviews for their children.
• Administrative support.

How Relocity Concierge works

Connect with a Host
We match your talent with a Relocity Personal Host based on shared demographics and interests.
Virtual area tour
The Host conducts a virtual area tour to introduce the candidate to the destination and identify neighborhoods of interest.
In-person area tour
The Host shows the candidate the neighborhoods of interest in-person and potentially arranges home tours.
The Host shares with you and your RMC any concerns and challenges that may impact the candidate's decision.

Candidate & pre-decision resource hub:

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Relocity’s solutions to top talent acquisition challenges

Common challenges of candidate, intern, & pre-decision programs:

🚩 Increasing pre-decisions’ willingness to relocate.
🚩 Benefits that entice candidates, interns, and pre-decisions to relocate.
🚩 Weak EVP.
🚩 Budget constraints.
🚩 Lengthy hiring process.

Relocity Concierge as a solution:

✅ Impress first-choice candidates, interns, and pre-decisions.
✅ Provide immense value that highlights what the job and relocation entails.
✅ Strengthen EVP.
✅ Improve fill rates.
✅ Expedite hiring process.


Make hiring easier and faster

Relocity Concierge helps you attract top-tier job candidates and pre-decisions by taking the stress out of relocation. Our Personal Hosts, supported by our AI-driven mobile app, facilitate valuable, comprehensive, and personalized introductions to your destinations.

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