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A transferee’s guide to San Francisco (part 1)

Highlights of living and working in historic, coastal San Francisco

Northern California’s Bay Area is vast in area and deep in culture. Comprising nine counties and 101 cities, the Bay Area encompasses over 7,000 square miles and more than 7.7 million people. These counties are loosely grouped into subregions with distinct characteristics, microclimates, and attractions. 

I’m Amanda, Senior Area Operations Manager for the Bay Area at Relocity. Follow me on a journey through each region of the Bay Area in this five-part blog series! In this blog series, I'll be taking you through great ways to explore the Bay Area — tips I usually only share with my clients who are moving to this great nucleus of culture, technology, and innovation.

San Francisco is a region of its own, surrounded by the Peninsula, East Bay, and South Bay, while the North Bay sits just across the Golden Gate Bridge. No matter where you are in the Bay Area, a few things are guaranteed: great weather, beautiful outdoor spaces, and plenty of places to eat and explore. While the Bay Area is full of well-known tourist attractions, landmarks, and tech companies, it also holds a plethora of hidden gems the locals may (or may not) let you in on. 

At 7 by 7 square miles and surrounded on three sides by water, San Francisco is a world within itself.

See this map within the app under the “Explore” tab.

While you’re on your daytrip, feel free to refer to the city as “SF,” but don’t say “‘Frisco,” or locals will immediately peg you as a tourist. Be sure to bring layers since the weather can swing drastically throughout the city.

To experience the foggy coast like a local, start your day at the water's edge with brunch and a view at the Beach Chalet Brewery & Restaurant. This historical landmark, which was built in 1925, boasts an unimpeded ocean view and rave reviews. At Beach Chalet, you’re conveniently located right at the end (or the beginning, depending on how you look at it) of Golden Gate Park, the West Coast’s version of Central Park. You could spend a few days exploring Golden Gate Park, but, from where you stand, you might as well walk to the Dutch Windmills and Wilhelmina Tulip Garden. 

San Francisco - Image 2

Be sure to see the North Windmill, which was built in 1902. If you follow the Great Highway a bit further north, you’ll find the corner where the West Coast turns into the North Coast of San Francisco. At that corner, you’ll find some of the eccentricity and whimsy that San Francisco is known for. Explore the Camera Obscura & Holograph Gallery and follow the 3-mile coastal trail from Land’s End Lookout through the ruins of the 19th century Sutro Baths and the Presidio. From there, you’ll catch breathtaking views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marine Headlands. Stop in at the Legion of Honor, one of San Francisco’s many museums, which houses an impressive collection of rotating exhibitions. In fact, Rodin’s “Thinker” is right in the courtyard! 

San Francisco - Image 3

After a trip to the museum, hit The Dragon Well for some of the city's best Chinese food, then check out the Marina District on Chestnut Street, one of the great shopping areas in San Francisco with a mix of name-brand retailers and small boutiques.

After a day of taking in the gorgeous San Franciscan scenery in cool weather, you’ll look forward to cozying up and getting a good night of sleep. 

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Amanda Leon

Senior Area Operations Manager

Amanda is a Bay Area native with a keen eye for detail and a talent for anticipating the needs of her clients.